Mangrove MVHS-S (SONY)

Mangrove MVHS-S (SONY)

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Mangrove video housing’s front case is constructed from marine grade aluminium, machined, anodized and the rear case is machined from solid Delrin. The housing’s sleek, ergonomic design feels like a natural extension of your hands and makes capturing that perfect video sequence fluid and easy.

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Universal Video housing compatible with: Sony HDR: XR350, CX370, CX350, CX305, CX300, CX105, CX106, XR105, XR106, CX155, XR155, CX116, CX116



Mangrove video housing’s front case is constructed from marine grade aluminium, machined, anodized and the rear case is machined from solid Delrin. The housing’s sleek, ergonomic design feels like a natural extension of your hands and makes capturing that perfect video sequence fluid and easy. Redundant double O-ring seal system on the rear case provides maximum protection and does not depend on clamping pressure for security.
The Mangrove MVH is a universal housing that accepts nearly the entire line of Sony HD video cameras and the design benefits of interchangeable optics like the wide angle port WP-80, the camcorder mounts on a specially engineered universal camera tray that can be adjusted by the customer in any position in just a few minutes. The available length for the camera and its battery is 130mm/5.12 inches.
Its solid build quality and elegant ergonomics make shooting underwater video a pleasure. Whether your serious about getting into video or a pro already, this housing is designed to make the experience rewarding! It is depth-rated to 200m/660 feet, making it the deepest-operating video housing on the market.



Housing with control system type I:

  • Sony HDR: CX105, CX106, CX115, CX116, CX155
  • Sony HDR: XR105, XR155


Housing with control system type II:


  • Sony HDR: CX370, CX350, CX305, CX300
  • Sony HDR: XR350





The Mangrove MVH is a full electronically controlled housing that uses the AV/R-10pin connector, the external controls on the housing are linked by 12 electromagnetic pushbuttons to corresponding controls on the camera inside the case, eliminating the need for the physical shafts that pierce the walls of mechanical housings. The electromagnetic controls do not penetrate the housing wall and can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. With non-penetrating electronic controls there is virtually no risk of the housing leaks typical with mechanical through-hole designs.
Another convenient feature of this type of system is that the controls for the housing are grouped together in three locations, to the left, right and under the in-built monitor, so that each function can be operated by your thumbs while maintaining a steady grip on the handles. In this position you can instantly see the labels for the names of each control, as compare to a mechanical housing where you must either memorize the location of the controls or rotate the housing to read the name of the control you want to operate. Grouped electronic controls are very convenient on deep dives where nitrogen narcosis may be a factor.


  • Power ON/OFF
  • Record/Standby
  • Zoom Tele
  • Zoom Wide
  • Video/Photo mode
  • Backlight
  • Auto-Focus ON/OFF
  • Manual Focus Far
  • Manual Focu Near
  • Momentary Auto-focus
  • Variable Speed Zoom +/-
  • Manual White Balance *
  • Automatic/Indoor/Outdoor White Balance mode *

*Available controls only with SONY HC series, instead of Variable Speed Zoom control


  • Power ON/OFF
  • Record/Standby
  • Photo record
  • Photo prepare
  • Zoom Tele
  • Zoom Wide 
  • Joystick Up
  • Joystick Down
  • Joystick Right
  • Joystick Left
  • Enter
  • Momentary Auto-focus
  • Manual White Balance *
  • Video/Photo mode
  • Guide Frame

*Available controls only with the latest SONY XR, CX, MC series


Rather than viewing the underwater world through a small viewfinder, the housing incorporates a High–Resolution TFT LCD monitor built into the back of the case that gives you a large 3.5” image; you see what the camera is recording, in full colour, while holding the housing at arm’s length. Not only will the larger image be of great assistance in composing your shots, you can instantly see the results when you change manual focus, turn on lights, or use your filter, you will also see all the status information normally displayed in your camera’s screen/viewfinder. The in-built monitor has a hood that eliminates glare and reflections from your surrounding, which also allows viewing even in strong ambient light; furthermore the LCD screen is 25 degrees angled for enhanced viewing at arm’s length . The monitor is powered by their own Lithium batteries so they do not rob any power from the camera’s battery.

The rearward placement of the handles is also a boon for those who suffer from Hyperopia  and Presbyopia. Rear monitor  housings can be difficult for bad eyesight sufferers and often you can see many people shooting with arms straight out to be able to focus.  A few inches does make a difference for many and the handle position allows all but the most farsighted divers to comfortably maintain relaxed arms for steady shooting.

A live video feed to the surface is also available, you can use your Mangrove external monitor or any standard monitor with a 100 m (333 feet) extension cable and have a perfect view of the diver assisted or tripod mounted Mangrove housing from the boat.


As with all our housings, it´s equipped with a leak detector that will immediately activate a loud buzzer and a LED located at the rear of the housing in the event water should find its way past the o-ring seals, the water detector is located next to O-ring sealing and at the lowest point (in usual operating position) of the case


The housing MVH comes with a 56mm threaded port ring that accepts optional removable ports like the wide angle ports Mangrove WP-80 and WP-100, as well as the flat port Mangrove FP-M56 that supports any 67mm threaded wet lenses such as the wide angle converter Mangrove UWL-M67-F104, and close-up lenses such as the INON UCL-165 and UCL-330. The main feature of wet lenses is that they can be removed underwater. The main features of these lenses are:

  • WP-80: it’s a wide angle port designed by Fathom Imaging is constructed of an aluminium shell and coated BK-7 glass elements to provide the sharpest, clearest underwater images possible. The WP-80 covers a range of 80º underwater and 90º on land. It is nitrogen-purged / vacuum-sealed. The front dome element has a hard coating and is protected by a shade.
  • WP-100: this is a high resolution underwater super wide angle port for capturing dynamic wide angle images; it has been designed by Fathom Imaging to bring distortion-free imaging to Mangrove MVD housings. The WP-100 covers a range of up to 108º underwater as well as on land, it enables extreme close focusing and assures brilliant colour rendition, producing high definition wide angle and macro images that are sharp and clear from edge to edge. It can be used on land as well as underwater.
  • UWL-M67-F104: this is a wet wide angle converter lens with a 67mm thread, factor x0.5, which fits over the flat port FP-M56 and can be installed and removed during the course of the dive. The optional FisheyeDomePort P-M104-125FD can be mounted on the 104mm female thread of the UWL-M67-F104, increasing the angle of view to approx. 140º. While the special optical design enables wider angle of view, the Dome Lens Unit also allows closer focusing distances for better close focus wide-angle imaging
  • UCL-330 / UCL-165: these close-up wet lenses can be installed and removed during the course of the dive and are used to shorten the maximum object distance (M.O.D), the M.O.D. for the UCL-330 is 330 mm with a magnification factor of x1.3, and for the UCL-165 is 165 mm, with a magnification factor of x2.




Three removable external filters are available; the CF-127, the CF-M67 and the CF-96. These optional colour filters reduces the blue hues and revives the vivid colours instantly when used with available sunlight to 24 m (80´) depths. The CF-M67 filter has a double male/female 67mm screw that will be screwed onto the flat port FP-M56. The CF-127 filter directly attaches to the Mangrove WP-80 and the CF-96 to the INON UWL-100 wide angle lens, both of them can be removed underwater.


Once you descend beyond the effective range of your correction filter, or if you are diving at night, in a cavern, or on a particularly overcast day, you are going to need some type of supplementary lighting system to provide colour, contrast, and excitement to your videos. Fortunately Mangrove’s Video Lighting Systems combine remarkably even lighting coverage with a compact design that attaches easily and maintains exceptionally balance of the housing. The VC-2 and VC-4 are lightweight compact halogen lights that can be used for video as well as a modelling light to aid with auto focus on your underwater still camera. The MVS-4 halogen lights are engineered to equalized weight and maximize balance, the light heads and batteries are separate units, because the battery module is mounted beneath the housing, the light head is small, lightweight, and easy to position. The MVS-4H series use High Intensity Discharge (HID) pluggable light heads producing a daylight balanced colour temperature of 4500 degrees Kelvin, the light heads and batteries are separate units. All lighting systems are powered by Lithium Ion or memory-free Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery packs, also included is the smart charger for worldwide use.


  • Approx. 160 mm (Diameter) x 236 mm (lenght).


  • MVD-L housing (w/o camera): approx 3,68 kg on land
  • In seawater the MVD-L is almost neutral with the camcorder, the WP-80 port and Video lighting System K-VC-4
  • Our weight system WS-MVD or W-MVD allows the housing to be made almost neutrally bouyant with any of the compatible camcorders.


  • Each unit is pressure tested to 200 meters / 660 feet.

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