Seahorn Snoot L

Seahorn Snoot L

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Time to stand out from the millions of straight forward underwater photos, time to be unique and creative with strobe lighting techniques.

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Time to stand out from the millions of straight forward underwater photos, time to be unique and creative with strobe lighting techniques.
Seahorn snoots are proudly made in Malaysia and are available for almost any strobes! Designed by an actual underwater photographer cum musician ( horn player in symphony orchestra !) , it's function is to diffuse your strobe light to a significantly smaller area, hence creating various interesting lighting macro effects. Various attachments with different diameter openings are provided.
Manual settings and built-in focus light are recommended when using the snoot, trial and error method applies to find the correct exposure, angle and amount of light emission onto the subject. Three attachments ie honeycomb, macro and super macro are included for various beam angle and are interchangeable underwater. The honeycomb attachment comes with 4 color filters for various lighting effects.
Simple and secure velcro attachment to the strobe enables the user to adjust and fine tune the position of the tube attachments. All strobe control buttons and functions are available with the snoot attached.
The snoot and all attachments are in inconspicuous black color to enable closer approach to shy marine animals. Karabiner snap hook doubles as snoot carrier on the BCD and securing to camera arm system. Attachments come in a soft mesh, draw string bag with karabiner snap as well, all to a very attractive retail price!
Seahorn snoot can be used on land as well, not only for photography but also as a signal horn, provided you can buzz your lips through the small tube! ( similar to a trumpet/horn player ) If you happened to be a brass player, a standard trombone or euphonium mouthpiece fits into the super macro attachment! It's perfectly tuned to the natural harmonics of "C"!
Patience, creativity and repetitive trials with the Seahorn snoot may result in those award winning, killer shots that you're looking for!
Material: Aluminium, PVC, Neoprene
Weight : 242 gram dry ( with all attachments )
Measurement length( size M) :
14cm without attachment, 
15.5cm with honeycomb attachment ( inner diameter 5.5cm ). Beam angle ca 35°
21cm with macro attachment ( inner diameter 2cm  )Beam angle ca 24°
29cm with super macro attachment ( inner diameter 1.5cm ) Beam angle ca 15°
Available in 4 sizes:
Code       Description
L-1     Ikelite DS-200, Substrobe Ai
L-2     Patima SB-900/580EX
L-3     UN-SF128
L-4     10bar SB-900/SB-800/580EX/FL-50
*Kindly mention the size you need when ordering*

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