Inon S-2000

Inon S-2000

Marvelous compact size strobe (W64×H83.1×D106.2mm) INON S-2000.

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Marvelous compact size strobe (W64×H83.1×D106.2mm) INON S-2000

Best match to compact digital camera as well as to digital SLR with its mobility without feeling existence of an external strobe, unspeakable compact body size even using dual S-2000 and well-selected high performance. INON new S-2000 reverses conventional underwater strobe's concept. INON commits to marginally downsize with no specification sacrifice using four AA size batteries, even they are adverse on downsizing, to maintain fundamental features of strobe.
The S-2000 strobe provides extraordinary high performance almost as same as D-2000 strobe with unbelievable compact size as four battery operated strobe.

Next generation wireless TTL!
INON has successfully developed ultra sensitive slave sensor unit with 100 times more sensitive with fourfold range comparing to D-2000 series enabling highly accurate wireless S-TTL auto mode together with Direction Window Cap to effectively collect master strobe light. The Direction Window Cap eliminates blind corner making wireless S-TTL auto mode with free and creative lighting.
Existing INON optical cable connection compatible structure offers you a choice between wired connection or wireless connection with your camera system.

The Direction window cap for the strobe and two guide mirror parts for the housing are included.Also a diffuser panel is included.

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