Videosystem K-VS-12L6

Videosystem K-VS-12L6

The Videosystem set K-VS-12L6 includes a pair of AVS-L6 light heads powered by a 12 Ah state of the art Lithium Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt battery pack. The VS-12L6 specially designed for underwater video and photo is supplied with two Solid-State LED array emitting a staggering 8640 lumens.

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The Videosystem set K-VS-12L6 includes a pair of AVS-L6 light heads powered by a 12 Ah state of the art Lithium Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt battery pack. The VS-12L6 specially designed for underwater video and photo is supplied with two Solid-State LED array emitting a staggering 8640 lumens. Featuring two output levels, each 40W light can dim from high to medium power output levels allowing you to dim lighting for a quick exposure adjustment. Sun-similar light in 16:9 illuminating with approx. 120° reflected beam angle and approx. 260 W (halogen).  

High efficiency LED are playing a more and more important role in underwater lighting systems. The main features of this new revolutionary technology are: 

  • Lifetime in excess of 20.000 hours maintaining 70% of the initial luminous flux: this feature strongly reduces maintenance and substitution costs of lamps;
  • High and quickly growing luminous efficiencies (lumen/watt) now higher than fluorescent lamps which allows huge energy savings
  • Safety achieved by means of extra low voltage supplying
  • Extremely wide white colour range from 3000k to 6000k with high rendering (CRI)
  • Extreme versatility in design
  • No UV or IR radiation in the beam (lighted objects are not discoloured or heated)
  • Instant switch on (even at very low temperature), shock and vibration proof.
  • For people, who look for an innovative, small, easy and high performance video light system.
  • Considerably low heat generation, remarkably low power consumption, and amazingly long operation time¡
  • Evolution of the LED light source is on the rise aimed at the illumination for next generation


  • The Mangrove VC-12L6 is designed to be used as primary video lighting for any underwater video, digital still or digital SLR system. A perfectly diffused 100 degree beam provides even coverage from macro to wide angle. Near daylight 5000º K colour temperature ensures the most true, natural tones especially when combined with ambient light in seascapes.
  • The light head's powerful 4320 lumen beam may be reduced to Low (60%) power setting to fine-tune exposure and extend battery life.
  • A compact and ergonomic design features a large power switch on the back of the video light.
  • The heavy-duty and reliable magnetic switch is within easy reach and features click-stops to indicate power setting by feel.
  • Two arm options are available for mounting of the light head. The FA-36 (36cm length) Flex Arm is super-lightweight for travel and easy to adjust. The Ball Socket Arm is heavy duty with standard 1" (2.5cm) diameter ball ends. The ball arm system is compatible with arm systems from several manufacturers. Both Flex and Ball Arm systems are easily expandable to meet a variety of needs.
  • The video light VS-12L6 is powered by a new state of the art Lithium Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt battery pack.
  • Additional battery packs may be purchased separately to quickly exchange for a fully charged pack and keep shooting.
  • The Smart Charger provides complete recharging, automatic trickle maintenance and conditioning to prolong battery life. Auto adjusts to any input voltage from 100 to 240V. Interchangeable UK, Australian and European AC adapters for worldwide use are available.


  • Light Source: 6x Slim type LED package
  • Power consumption: 2x (6 x 6.5W)
  • Luminous Flux (Lumen): 2x 4320 lm (8640 lm)
  • Luminous efficacy: 110 lm/W
  • Beam angle: 120x130º
  • Colour temperature: 5000º Kelvin
  • Colour rendering index (CRI): 95
  • Output levels: 100-60%.
  • Powered by: Lithium-Ni-Mn-Co 14 V-12000 mAh
  • Burn time (100-60%): 90 min (100%) / 180 min (60%)
  • Arm bracket: Supplied with Oceanic type  
  • Charging time (w/ Mascot charger 2541 - 2000 mA): 6:00 hrs
  • Front lens: tempered B250 glass, 8 mm thick. 
  • Maximum operating depth: depth rated to 200m/660 feet
  • Dimensions Light head:
    • Diameter head: 70mm
    • Diameter tube: 60mm
    • Length: 114mm
  • Dimensions Battery canister:
    • Length: 230 mm
    • Wide: 138 mm
    • Height: 57 mm 
  • Weight:
    • Light head: 711g (land) / 220g (water)
    • Battery canister: 2244g (land) / 800g (water)

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